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Dr Colin Price releases two new textbooks

The Nature of Computing

This textbook is intended to support the final-year Computing capstone module Nature of Computing. Based on action research carried out over the past several years, it supports six units of instruction including image processing, robot vision, wind turbine technology and wind farms, neural circuits and central pattern generator, and multiprogramming, both multi tasking using a robot operating system, and shared memory parallel processing using OpenMP. The material draws on a range of software freely available, Arduino development, Octave, Unreal-4, LilyPad and Floris (the latter for computational fluid dynamics and wind-farm wake calculations). The emphasis is on providing transparent explanations of mathematical approaches, such as ordinary differential equations and non-linearity. The section on neural circuits involves original research where hypothesize that procedural programming can be replaced by neural programming.

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Differential Drive Robots

This short text is intended to support a second-year Computing module in Robotics. Based on action research carried out over the past three years, it offers a primer into the mathematics of differential-drive robots. The emphasis is on linking the underlying mathematics (e.g., robot kinematics) to computer code which guides students in their laboratory work.

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