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Our Expertise

The Digital Innovation and Intelligent Systems research are experts ay applying Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Optimisation to novel and challenging areas. Here are some examples of how our current work aligns with a variety of sectors:

Health and Wellbeing

The recent increase in real-time quantising of health metrics has created many opportunities to proactively manage and improve health and wellbeing. Our work in this area includes:

  • The use of interactive mobile applications to support and monitor patients.
  • Text analytic approaches for detection of emotion and tone in social media messages

Digital Innovation in Sustainable Futures

Intelligent Systems have an important role in shaping our future use of energy. As more of our power generation comers from renewable dynamic approaches to manging energy networks and consumption will become increasingly important. Some  examples of the work we undertake in this area include:

  • Automation of demand management allows technology to influence the way we households consume energy to better reflect generation capacity.
  • Simulating the behaviours and mechanics of energy systems such as renewable generation and building heating to allow for better modelling and prediction of behaviours.

Digital Innovation in Professional Education

Technology provides new opportunities to enhance the educational experience of students but requires careful consideration to ensure its appropriate and effective use. Research undertaken within this group includes:

  • Technologies Enhanced Learning
  • Educational Immersive Environments using 3D Digital Technology
  • Exploration of Story-Writing-Coding approaches to teach programming in Primary and Secondary Schools