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Digital Innovation and Intelligent Systems Research Group

The Digital Innovation Research Group is focussed on the application of intelligent systems to real world problems. This incorporates the design, creation and research of technological systems that dynamically respond to the world around them to address practical issues in a wide variety of applied domains. It incorporates computational approaches such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Modelling and Simulation, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition.

Intelligent Systems are becoming more important in everyday life as their use expands and adoption increases. With this expansion comes many key challenges that must be addressed as new application areas are found.

Uncertainty – The real-world is often complex and messy resulting in noisy and inaccurate data.

Dynamic – The real-world is ever-changing resulting in a highly dynamic environment.

Computationally challenging – Some of the tasks humans find easy to performance are computationally very difficult for a computer such as learning and interaction. Yet we required small compact devices to performance this on a regular basis such as mobile devices performing face-recognition.